towel hanging in a corner above a houseplant, suffused with warm sunset glow a grid of 15 towels, all slightly different, under a spotlight hanging as a hand towel next to a sink almost flying off a drying rack in the wind unfolded on the wall, showing the symmetric texture pattern rectangles of flat and ribbed texture alternate


Versatile hand or dish towels in colorful M's & O's plaid. The texture alternates between blocks of ribbed and plain weave in a symmetric design, while the bands of color interleave asymmetrically and differently in each piece. Resulting from this interaction is an effect of transparency and dimension into the textile plane.

One happy customer reports that these towels “absorb and dry nicely and are gorgeous!”

First batch, BTW-17 in rich autumn colors, winter 2019. Second batch, BTW-26 in vivid electric colors, fall 2020. Cotolin, 18" x 20". Machine hemmed.