a yellow tallis draped over the branch of a fallen tree, dappled with sunlight. a corner of the tallis decorated with a square of blue crystaline inlay and tzitzit. resting on a patch of moss. a section of cloth split into a row of open rectangles. it is held together by bridges of tightly-wrapped yarn. a red leaf pokes through.

Ladder Tallis

This tallit gadol was commissioned by my friend James to be a timeless and unique ritual garment. The body is plain weave in yellow merino wool, with a flat center seam and hemstitched fringe. A blue square of improvisational overshot springs out of each corner, small windows of intricate crystaline structure, star fields, and waves. Tzitzit tied with 7-8-11-13 winds. Also in effervescent overshot, the purple and orange atarah marks the top of the piece.

A special band of wrapped cords bridges together the right panel. It responds to challenges in the weaving process, and now stands as a ladder or portal into the tallis's space of mindfulness.

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